WHMIS Training 2016/17

ATCA previously held WHMIS training courses in Edmonton and Calgary. WHMIS Certification is a requirement of the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code and a must for both owners and all staff that come into contact with hazardous chemicals – in the case of processing units this means ALL who work in the shop or factory. There have also been some substantial changes to the Code to bring it into line with the Globally Harmonised System for classifying and labelling chemicals – These now necessitate re-certification of all personnel. To help members meet this new requirement, the Association arranged training and certification courses in Calgary in November 2016 and in Edmonton in March 2017 . No courses are currently planned but if there is sufficient demand they will be arranged for the Fall/Winter of 2017/18 Further details will be published as required.

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The  ATCA dynamic website brings information to Members and the Public in a rapid user friendly manner. The Association is constantly looking to upgrade and improve both the content and operation of the site and would appreciate any constructive comments including suggestions as to how it can be improved.

The “Member Only” section is accessed by a user name and password, both of which have been issued to all 2016 registered members. Members having difficulty in logging in or who have mislaid their user name or password, should e-mail the Secretariat at abtca@shaw.ca

The list of members includes addresses and telephone numbers and some fax numbers but only e-mail addresses or website links that have been directly authorised by the member. To include this information, members should contact the Secretariat in writing.

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