WHMIS Training 2023/24

agreeably ATCA previously held WHMIS training courses in Edmonton and Calgary. WHMIS Certification is a requirement of the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code and a must for both owners and all staff that come into contact with hazardous chemicals – in the case of processing units this means ALL who work in the shop or factory. In recent years, there have been some substantial changes to the Code to bring it into line with the Globally Harmonised System for classifying and labelling chemicals – Sendhwa These may now necessitate re-certification of personnel. To help members meet this requirement, the Association has previously arranged training and certification courses in both Calgary and Edmonton . No courses are currently planned but, if there is sufficient demand, it is intended to plan a training for trainers in 2023/24. Please advise the Office by e-mail to abtca@shaw.ca of your requirements as soon as possible

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